Memory of back hometown, shandong, China, in 2019

Due to Covid’19, there is 2 years I cannot return to my hometown in the south-west, Shandong province, China. This is pictures I take in 2019 when I am back. My parents plant these fruits and my child first time eats so sweet fresh fruit, just taking from fruit tree.


廉颇老矣,尚能饭否?这是战国时期蔺相如问廉颇,您老身体如何,还能上战场打仗吗?对于老人来讲,能吃是福啊。 在我的山东老家鲁西南的一个小县城,每到春节,去老人家拜年,常说的一句是:您老吃了几碗扁食(扁食,方言,也就是饺子。不过现在可能扁食说的少了,饺子多了。)啊?老人家能吃饭,说明身体好,吃嘛嘛香。 普通话越来越普及了,方言越来越少了。记录下我还记得的 方言。 扁食:饺子 hengheng(不知道对应的汉字):傍晚了 知了的幼虫:孑了猴(jie liao hou,字可能不对)

Cycling path summary explored in Singapore up to now

Since moving into Queens town and buying bicycle, weekend cycling is not only a must exercise but also is a way to explore Singapore. Without bicycle I normally walk at most 5-km around my living. Now 20km is normal. It gives me more chances to explore every corner in Singapore, which cannot be when taking


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