How to build machine learning model to generate trading signal

Recently I am working on how to build machine learning model to predict signal and build a winning strategy. Technical traders will read the price trending curve and use many technical analysis based signal to facilitate strategy operation such as bollinger band, macd, etc. But it is post analysis based on history, not having prediction

Dog is smart to remember what he wants next

Everyday morning breakfast my dog, erhei, feed up roasted chicken. His best favorite. When taking his outdoor park for shit and urine, back home feed meat in his bowl. But today, I feed meat in his bowl before we leave. He saw it and ran to bowl and try to eat. But I forced him

Subway museum at prinsep link

Singapore night festival event staring last weekend, know there is a subway museum opened at prinsep link from a LinkedIn post, just a few hundreds of meters from company office. After lunch, walk to the subway museum. From the notice, the museum needs ticket. Buy 12 dollars subway to get 1 ticket and 20 dollars

Blinking droplet after a raining evening

Cycling to office and take a shot of blinking water on the thin leaf of tree after a raining evening. Good morning to start a new day. The beautiful droplet will vanish when sun is rising. But it really is in the word at sometime.

Singapore night festival coming

Since this weekend, Singapore night festival is coming. The venue is at the park of plaza Singapore mrt and the law school of smu. Enjoy your eating, drinking and smiling night. Here is the image in the law school of smu.


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