My Covid experience

18 April, Monday. Go restaurant with friends for lunch and dinner. Then in the evening, throat is very painful and cannot sleep well. 19 April, Tuesday. Throat pain is less. In morning, ART test shows negative. But in the evening, in the road of backing home, feel tired. 20 April, Wednesday. Throat is little pain

How to setup PostgreSQL in Python

Install Psycopg2 package in Python Install postgresql in Ubuntu After successfully install postgresql, the default role is postgres. So when you connect postgresql service in your own Ubuntu user, you cannot connect it, reporting the username not in the role. Thus create a role using your own username, and add your username in ROLE of

How to install Ubuntu & Windows 10 dual OS system in Surface book

There are many tutorials on how to install Ubuntu & Windows 10 systems. But when setup in surface book, there is a difficulty to be solved, i.e. Ubuntu cannot identify surface keyboard. Thus, we cannot click continue to install because it needs keyboard to input account, password and setup WIFI. Step-by-step to install following: Prepared:

Christmas 🎄 at Orchard road

Christmas is coming. It is time to find a place to feel the Christmas air. In the city country of Singapore, every year orchid road is best place, with fantastic decorations.


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