Morning vs evening orchard road

乌节路的早晨是安静的,只有零零散散上班族:乌节路的傍晚是人潮汹涌,热闹奢华的。楼宇店铺灯火辉煌,shopping eating dating

Friday evening

Rambutan tree along the road in HDB neighborhood

In weekend morning, normally I cycle to lengkok Bahri in redhill to self-deliver breakfast to family. This Hong Kong dim sum shop In hdb neighborhood tastes good and price is similar to food court.

Hong Kong dim sum

During waiting food preparation, I am wandering around the neighborhood, along the lengkok bahru road, surprisingly find a row of rambutan tree, with red and green fruit.

Rambutan tree

Enjoy beautiful neighborhood view and taste delicious breakfast. Enjoy your time with your family.

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