Lecture notes on Python & C++

Python slides & source code

The following is the basic material to learn python. If you are interested, feel free to use it.

C++ slides & source code

  • ch1_slides
  • ch2_slides
  • ch3_slides
  • ch4_slides
  • ch5_slides
  • ch6_slides
  • ch7_slides

Self-learning resources

There are a lot of resources for self-learning programming. For me, when I start to learn a new program language, I like to quick go through the basic language syntax. So the site w3schools.com is one of my favorite. It will introduce basic syntax and sample code. You can copy and test sample code. It is suitable to master basic knowledge of a language,i.e. syntax, operation, function, …

After you know the basic knowledge and code about a language, the best resource to master a language is official website of the language. It has all language syntax, sample code, library available, and usage of the library API, e.g. function parameters, function description, function output or return.

For Python, you can refer to Python 3 tutorial . Just ignore Python 2 because Python-2 will not be supported by end of the year.

For C++, you can refer to C++ tutorial

If program has BUG, copy error or warning information to Google. Most of time, refer to answers in https://stackoverflow.com/