Black coffee 黑咖啡,我的所爱

Every morning, a cup of black coffee is a must before a working day. I love black coffee, no sugar, no cream. The habit is from 2006, when I attended ICASSP conference in Toulouse, French. In a morning when I walked to conference venue, and ate breakfast in a small coffee shop. A small cup of strong black coffee tickled my taste buds.

黑咖啡是我的最爱,自从2006年的一天早晨(参加2006 ICASSP),在法国图鲁斯的一家小咖啡店喝了一杯浓浓香香的黑咖啡,就欲罢不能,现在每天早晨以一杯浓咖啡开启一天的工作。

Sometime I drink instance coffee, sometime buy and grind coffee bean in wet market. Grinding coffee is quite better than instance coffee. Recently a friend bought grinding coffee from Malaysia, taste better.


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