Reporter story- this morning there is heavy rain. A fallen tree crashed a car and driver is in hospital

John was having a pretty good day. He had just finished his errands and was on his way home when the dark clouds began to roll in. He had heard the forecast for heavy rain, so he decided to take a shortcut home in an effort to beat the rain.

Little did he know, the shortcut would bring him to an area where a massive tree had recently been uprooted by the strong winds. As he approached the tree, he could only hope he would be able to make it past it in time.

Unfortunately, a branch from the tree suddenly fell and landed on his car, smashing the windshield. John was in shock as he was thrown forward, hitting his head on the dashboard.

Bystanders immediately called for help. An ambulance came quickly and rushed him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion. Fortunately, John was able to make a full recovery.

The damage to the car, on the other hand, was more severe. It had been completely totaled by the fallen tree.

John was thankful for the help he had received, and for the fact he had not been more seriously injured. He had learned to listen to the weather reports and be more cautious from that day forward.

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