How to install Ubuntu & Windows 10 dual OS system in Surface book

There are many tutorials on how to install Ubuntu & Windows 10 systems. But when setup in surface book, there is a difficulty to be solved, i.e. Ubuntu cannot identify surface keyboard. Thus, we cannot click continue to install because it needs keyboard to input account, password and setup WIFI.

Step-by-step to install following:

  1. Prepared:
    • Ubunbu 20.04 in USB (google to find how to prepare a startup Ubuntu USB)
    • Bluetooth keyboard & bluetooth mouse
  2. Disable bitlock in Windows 10
  3. Enter BIOS to turn off UEFI
  4. Insert Ubuntu USB, and start up surface. Following the instruction, click continue until you see options: Try Ubuntu, or Install.
    • Careful: must choose Try Ubuntu. Then you will enter Ubuntu system for try. In Try Version, connect bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse. After successfully connecting, you can use bluetooth keyboard & mouse for input
    • In Try Ubuntu, click install. Then following instruction to install. Now you can setup WIFI, account and password

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