Greenway and railway corridor – great jogging and cycling place

In the past, it is rail way connecting Singapore with Malaysia, starting from Tanjong Pagar station in city, and entering Malaysia through woodland. But now, it is retired and is rebuilt as a National park, railway corridor, by Singapore government.

Greenway and rail corridor is opened from last year, from Tanjong pagar old station until upper Bukit Timah, ~14km. Now it is becoming a great place to jogging, cycling and family exercise.

The corridor is in the jungle, many diverse flowers, tree, and animals like squirrel, lizard, bee, parrot, ……. You cannot imagine outside the corridor, about a few hundreds meters, it is busy road with noisy cars. But when you are in the greenway corridor, you can clearly hear sounding bird, water flowing, watching squirrel climbing the jungle tree.

In the morning, and afternoon, the corridor is busy with jogging people and cycling people like me. 😊

To keep the memory of railway, some part of corridor are kept as its old way, railway, and rail bridge.

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