Electric vs non-electric pressure cooker

In my kitchen, I have a set of pressure cooker, a 4.5L and 2L. It is non-electric.

Electric pressure cooker has more functions you can select on menu. But frankly, most of time, we use default setting. But I like non-electric pressure cooker. I do not want to worry the fault of sensor. (I have bad experiences of buying rice cooker. Just after 2 weeks, sensor is fault and water leaks into panel.)

When I wandered the Shaw center shopping mall many years ago, I found pressure cooker promotion. It is Fissler brand. About 700 Sgd for 2 set package. It is heavy, thick steel. Looks good. This was first time I bought so expensive cookware. But it is worthy.

It is safe and easy to use. I used them often, cooking Chinese braised beef with soy sauce, cooking soup, cooking Chinese congee. I used more than 5 years, it still work and there is no any fault like electric cooker.

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