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Cycling path summary explored in Singapore up to now

Since moving into Queens town and buying bicycle, weekend cycling is not only a must exercise but also is a way to explore Singapore. Without bicycle I normally walk at most 5-km around my living. Now 20km is normal. It gives me more chances to explore every corner in Singapore, which cannot be when taking bus or driving car. Up to now, I have explored some neighborhood cycling path. Although I have written posts about them, here I will summarize the paths I have explored.

Top-1: cycling along Singapore river, garden by the bay, Marina barrage, east cost beach, until Changi beach (I only reach east cost park, 1-way already >20km. Maybe next time leave home early to arrive changi beach). It is cycling friendly, flat road. There are many featured spotlights, singapore-river-and-beautiful-night-scene. If tired and hungry, there are many places to resting and eating. In the evening, there is amazing night view.

Top-2 green rail way. Currently in central, the segment is open between Tanjong Pagar railway station (old) and Bukit Timah, about 12km. The final destination is Wooland railway station (old) , which is not connected with Bukit Timah segment up to now.

Besides cycling in the railway, you can challenge yourself, and cycle in the hill road. After Bukit Timah railway bridge, you can switch to the direction of Temasek club, and into the hill road. It is up, down, and winding mountain path. The destination is one entry of MaRitchie nature trail & reservoir park.

It is better cycling in the morning, enjoying fresh air and wild view. The road is narrow, and there are many cyclists and jogging. So you must be careful and not too high speed (limit 10km). In the weekend morning (~9:30am), there are traffic police in the Bukit Timah to test cycling speed. Be a good cyclist careful for you and others.

Recommend cycling in the day because in the evening, there is not light in the railway green road.

Top-3: Ulu Pandan river. If you live in central, you can cycle along the railway road and exit in Ghim Moh. In the morning, you can have a short rest and eat breakfast in Ghim Moh wet market, then enter into Ulu Pandan river. Along the river, you can cycle to Jurong east.

Recently I cycles into Sentosa. Because it is a little later after 6pm. There is cycling road from Vivo city to Sentosa Cove. It is also up-down hill road. But at the Sentosa Cove, there is nothing to see because many hotels locate there, and there is no way to beach. Then I cycles to Siloso beach. Because of Covid’19, it is quiet in the evening, and beach is closed.

For cycling, it is no recommended to Sentosa. There is no cycling path (except to Sentosa cove). You must share with car. So you must be very careful.

Singapore river and beautiful night scene

Singapore is a city country, and has short history. But when you travel to Singapore, there are still many feature spots you enjoy. One is walking or cycling along Singapore river.

Starting from Alexandra canal, heading to Marina Bay Sands. There are many restaurants, bars or hotels.

After ~20 mins cycling, enter into city. You can find Asian civilisations museum.

Asians civilisations museum

Facing the museum, it is finance Center, world famous and big banks locating there.

There are many bridges connecting two sides of the river, old and beautiful bridges. Beautiful daily and night scene, thus do not be surprised to finding many bride-to-be taking marriage photos.

Continuing heading to Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, a big durian building. Many museum events are here. Outer side the theatre, there are some music events on weekend nights.

Esplanade theatre at bay
Outside music event

Then you will see beautiful boat-like Marina Bay Sands.

Near the Marina Bay Sands, luxurious flagship shoppers sitting near Bay. Watching your wallet.

Traveling long time, hungry, tiered. You can come here.

Enjoy your night scenes.