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Flowers and bees

Black coffee 黑咖啡,我的所爱

Every morning, a cup of black coffee is a must before a working day. I love black coffee, no sugar, no cream. The habit is from 2006, when I attended ICASSP conference in Toulouse, French. In a morning when I walked to conference venue, and ate breakfast in a small coffee shop. A small cup of strong black coffee tickled my taste buds.

黑咖啡是我的最爱,自从2006年的一天早晨(参加2006 ICASSP),在法国图鲁斯的一家小咖啡店喝了一杯浓浓香香的黑咖啡,就欲罢不能,现在每天早晨以一杯浓咖啡开启一天的工作。

Sometime I drink instance coffee, sometime buy and grind coffee bean in wet market. Grinding coffee is quite better than instance coffee. Recently a friend bought grinding coffee from Malaysia, taste better.


A after- raining morning 雨后清晨

After a night raining, it stops in the morning. Fresh air and wet road. Starting a day with my dog walking along the canal river.


Symmetric world

Morning, my friends we never see each other. Enjoy your life and work.

Bicycle: slow death of planet

The following is from recommend post of my LinkedIn friend community. Very good point. Start Sunday morning with happy laugh.

Bicycle is the slow death of the planet.”

A banker made the economists think this when he said:

“A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: he doesn’t buy cars and doesn’t borrow money to buy. He don’t pay insurance policies. Don’t buy fuel, don’t pay to have the car serviced, and no repairs needed. He doesn’t use paid parking. Doesn’t cause any major accidents. No need for multi-lane highways.

He is not getting obese.

Healthy people are not necessary or useful to the economy. They are not buying the medicine. They dont go to hospitals or doctors.

They add nothing to the country’s GDP.

“On the contrary, each new McDonald’s store creates at least 30 jobs—actually 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 dietitians and nutritionists—obviously as well as the people who work in the store itself.”

Choose wisely: a bike or a McDonald’s? It’s something to think about.

~ Emeric Sillo

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