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Ghim moh carrot cake

This morning 30-min cycling to Ghim Moh to buy my favorite carrot cake. My son said carrot cake in Redhill market not good.

As normal, long queue. The family cooker is busy to cooking white and black carrot cake. The young boss is preparing eggs and ask each customer preorder. Each time asks 4-5 persons and still remember what we order. Pretty memory.

Electric vs non-electric pressure cooker

In my kitchen, I have a set of pressure cooker, a 4.5L and 2L. It is non-electric.

Electric pressure cooker has more functions you can select on menu. But frankly, most of time, we use default setting. But I like non-electric pressure cooker. I do not want to worry the fault of sensor. (I have bad experiences of buying rice cooker. Just after 2 weeks, sensor is fault and water leaks into panel.)

When I wandered the Shaw center shopping mall many years ago, I found pressure cooker promotion. It is Fissler brand. About 700 Sgd for 2 set package. It is heavy, thick steel. Looks good. This was first time I bought so expensive cookware. But it is worthy.

It is safe and easy to use. I used them often, cooking Chinese braised beef with soy sauce, cooking soup, cooking Chinese congee. I used more than 5 years, it still work and there is no any fault like electric cooker.

Ghim Moh market – Carrot cake

Delicious carrot cake

When I live in Holland village, every weekend or holiday morning, I go to the carrot cake shop to buy breakfast for my family.

The shop only sells carrot cake, and its carrot cake is traditionally handmade. I have not find any shop cooking professionally like it. Every morning, it is a long queue about 20. Most time I need wait for 30mins.

The carrot cake cooks with carrot cake, salted dry carrot , eggs. You can watch how the boss, mother and father, cook and their son serves the customers.

You can buy white or black carrot cake. The difference is the latter is cooked with sweet sauces. If you like chilli, the white carrot cake can mix with chilli. My family love white one with chilli.

It is cheap delicious food, you can buy cheapest one for 2.5 SG dollar. But I always buy 3 dollar enough for single.

If you travel to Singapore, it is highly recommended food.