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AB test, Huber, my pet dog, smart or not

Huber, my pet dog, is smart. He knows when I will go outsider without taking him and when I will take him go to play. He knows it from my dressing based on his past experience.

Normally, I take him with hike dressing and waist bag to store my mobile phone, tissue,…. Now let me a test.

A scenario: I wear a sleeveless sweater, no waist bag, no mobile phone, no mask. I take a little garbage to go drop into garbage box outside room. Huber is watching me, does not go to the door and follows me.

B scenario: I wear my sport shirt, tie hiking bag around my waist, put mobile phone into bag, and take my mask. Huber is watching me, swaying his thin small tail, running to the door, waiting there. When I open the door, he ran out. Good Huber, smart boy.

Huber’s favourite chicken jerky

My family Huber, loves chicken. Previously, we cook boiled chicken to him. For his health, it is better to feed dried chicken, like dog dry food.


From a few weeks ago, after boiling chicken meat, I slice chicken meat into thin and dry them using flat iron pan.

Dried chicken meat food for dog

After 20 minutes, dry off water in chicken meat and it is ready to cut to granule. One chicken is just enough for 1-week feed.