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Cycling to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: a trip from south to north in Singapore

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is an attractive park, located in north of Singapore, and in another side of sea it is Malaysia. In the past we drive car to there. In the morning of Sunday, I am free to explore the park by cycling.

From Queenstown, cycling along greenway rail corridors, exit at Bukit Timah, along upper Bukit Timah road, woodland road, kranji, then reach the park. But at the end of woodland road, there is not passageway and must cycle in the motorcycle road. It must be careful because there are many trucks in the woodland (it is factory and industry area).

Cycling from Queenstown to Punggol

This Sunday it is free, and plan to cycling to Punggol or Coney Island park along the coast-to-coast path.

In order to cross PIE, the path is from Botanic Garden, Kheam hock road to Lornie road (in Lornie road, when finding a bridge, must go through bridge to the side same as MacRitchie Reservoir.). Then go up Marymount and Bishan park, Ang Mo Kio avenue 5, following google map, finally can enter the park.

Queenstown to Punggol along coast-to-coast cycling path

At Anchorvale Community Club, have a lunch. Before lunch, sunny and hot. Unfortunately, after lunch, heavy rain.

Before lunch at Anchorvale Community Club
After lunch. Heavy rain

In waiting for raining stop, have a dessert. When raining small, try to continue to Punggol. In the park road, the falling tree tells how big the rain is.

It is still raining, but small. But the time is late, decide back home. In the back, rain is heavy again.

I am waiting for rain stop again, and complete this post.

Book: Amazon effect

Amazon dominates in retail industry and its e-commerce business affects almost every local stores. The book discusses the Amazon effect, how it’s business moving from online to offline and finally making seamless shopping experience to users.

The main difference between Amazon and traditional retailer is that Amazon is technology driven retailer. Amazon cloud, Alexa, robot, the core driven is to make shopping easy, anytime, anywhere.

The books also discuss if local store is dead. The answer is no. But local store must make change to embrace buyers behavior change because of e-commerce. The local store must do digital transformation, use technology to engaging their customers.

If buyer in local stores can enjoy better shopping experience than online, local store still have chances to survive. Amazon and other e-commerce giants go from online to offline by acquire retails owning local store network, which hints local stores not dead.

Gift from NPUAAS and NPU alumni

NPUAAS, north-western polytechnic university alumni association society, in Singapore, gave Covid-19’s gift to NPU alumni. It is donated from an alumni in shandong province, China. When he heard Covid-19’s pandemic is serious, with everyday a few thousands cases. He decided to donate some epidemic prevention product s to help alumni.

Gifts from NPU alumni

How a kind-hearted alumni.

If you want to make quick money, all-in cryptocurrency. If you wan to quick bankruptcy, all-in cryptocurrency.

After wake-up in the morning, read news and find the top is that squid-game cryptocurrency dropping near to zero just among a few weeks. Its price is moving from penny to 2860 and now near zero.

This cryptocurrency is not the first, but is not also the last. Many guys who want to make quick money and dream to be wealthy and finance free invest so risky product and finally they become jiucai (韭菜), and nothing have.

Still remember P2P companies grow wildly in China about 2015. A lot of companies created with fancy terms like finance creative and novelty, and claim high return in short term. Finally most became scam. A lot of people lose their life earning money, and the founders move money overseas and their families also move overseas.

Sadly heard this news. But greedy is human nature. The type of scam is not the last.

Explore cycling path from Singapore river to Bishan park

In this afternoon, I plan to cycling to Bishan park along Singapore river. But after Kallang river, the path is becoming worse, because there is not direct path along the Kallang river. I must cycle away river, enter into motorcycle road, cross red light and then enter into river path. So when I arrive Whampoa, I decide back.

Whampoa map

Early back will me time to explore OCBC stadium and golden garden in the day.

Cycling path along Singapore river, Kallang river, OCBC stadium, Marina barrage
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