Monthly Archives: June 2022

Fresh chicken out-of-stock in Singapore because of chicken export ban to Singapore by Malaysia

This is not a latest news of Malaysia banning export fresh chicken to Singapore. But at Saturday morning, I am still wanting to try if I can buy one. I go to supermarket like Cold Storage, shengsiong, and FairPrice. Yes, there is no fresh chicken sold, only frozen ones. Don’t know how long the situation will continue. Should affect small businesses selling fresh chicken in hawker Center. For us, no chicken soup cooked. Try fish soup, beef or pork.

The war in Europe affects many things, although it is far away from Asia. It is observed many commodity goods price increasing, oil, flour, etc. Plus covid and inflation, make everything worse.

Cannot the politicians in Europe like the countries in the war is intelligent. War is last choice to solve country problem. Try sit down and negotiate. Always can find way. But politicians mostly self-Centered, may treat way as a way to gather own benefits, political or reputation. Even it is bad choice for common people, loosing home, money even life.