Monthly Archives: September 2021

Cycling outside city, along ulu pandas river

3 years ago, in the evening, I like to walking along ulu pandan river, near Ghim moh and holland village. Since railway green way open and Covid-19, has never come.

This weekend, cycling along ulu pandas river. Staring from commonwealth ave entry near grim moh, and ending commonwealth near ending hiring east.

There are many upgrading and changes. Many years ago, only one walking road along the river. Now there is another walking road in another side. Great jobs of Singapore government.

I still remember fishing in the river with friends when my child is kindergarten and primary school.

Ulu pandan river is great cycling, sport, and rest for neighborhood. You can cycling from west along the river then connect to city along the railway green road.

Huber’s favourite chicken jerky

My family Huber, loves chicken. Previously, we cook boiled chicken to him. For his health, it is better to feed dried chicken, like dog dry food.


From a few weeks ago, after boiling chicken meat, I slice chicken meat into thin and dry them using flat iron pan.

Dried chicken meat food for dog

After 20 minutes, dry off water in chicken meat and it is ready to cut to granule. One chicken is just enough for 1-week feed.