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Media company as publisher platform – 1

Media companies, such as SPH, MediaCorp in Singapore, CCTV in China, Washington Post, are publisher platform. They create high-quality content (e.g. audio, video, news) to engage the users. How do they earn money to support their business? One way is to earn money by subscription fee. But for national broadcast company such as MediaCorp, most of their content, such as broadcast Yes 933, Channel News Asia (CNA), Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria, Vasantham, are free. They earn money most from advertiser. In general, media company is a publish platform, bridging the users (audience, content consumer) with the advertisers (marketing their products to consumers).

Publisher platform:

  • Platform [ Create ] high-quality content [Engage] ==> audience <== [ Consume ] product [ Create ] Advertiser

In media companies, reporters, editors, media creators generate creative, original high-quality content (news, audio and video) . Although their volume is relatively smaller comparing with UGC (user generated content) data in internet companies such as Google, Facebook, their quality is high and trusty, which is important to brand products and companies.

Business is core in media company, they prefer to use third-party service to exploit their content and serve audiences and advertisers. However, they also have strong intention to build in-house data science technology to completely mining their gold data and serve their customers. With increasing strict government policy on user privacy and data security, it is impossible to completely explore in-house data to third-party. In some business application scenario, customized solution is preferred, and out-source or third-party service is not satisfied.

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