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Chinese noodle in Redhill market



Kampung chicken in redhill market

Kampung chicken is best to cooking chicken soup, but not every kampung chicken has strong chicken flavor, most having very weak chicken flavor.

When living in Holland village, the nearest cold storage has good kampung chicken selling. Now in redhill, I find another market shop selling very good kampung chicken. When I first wander the wet market, only this seller has long queue. Yes, Singaporean loving queue. But it always has a reasone, loving eating.

Redhill traditional foodcourt

After moving from Holland village to Dawson, it is much less convenient. Near Holland village, there are many traditional food courts in walking distance, buying fresh meat, fish and vegetables. But in Dawson, only 1 small food court.

After exploring, the nearest traditional food court center is redhill, much like ghim moh market.

This traditional handmade pau tim is cheap and delicious. There are 3 shops selling our famvorite youtiao